Saturday, February 28, 2015

The EPI and a little Encourage "mint"!

We offer sincere thanks to each and every one of you who helped make the 6th Annual Erin Potts Invitational Volleyball Tournament a success. Over $7,000 was collected this year!

Whether it was through the donation of time, money, raffle items or food/beverages, or you were a participating player/coach in the games or a cheering fan in the stands, you made a significant contribution to our cause.

Our first-hand experience with the cancer world affords us an understanding of the importance of initiatives that meet the emotional and financial needs of patients as they find their way through the challenges that accompany the diagnosis and treatment path of this disease. 

The name of my blog, taken from Bob Dylan's Forever Young which is copied in the sidebar... when the winds of changes shift... rings true day in and day out.  Our goal is to strengthen that ground, that foundation, as individuals tip and sway from the effects of this awful disease.  
Scatter Kindness was launched just a year ago, and because of your generosity
we've been able to impact so many lives, and we're just getting started! 

Proceeds from the tournament will continue to fund intentional acts of Kindness directed toward patients at both Hinsdale and LaGrange Hospitals.  These include:
Celebratory gifts given when individuals complete treatment.  Financial support - gas and grocery cards, money for medications/health-related supplies, etc. - provided to patients who are struggling to make ends meet. 
Monthly themed care packages... because hugs, kisses and sweets are just as important as nasty cancer treatments.  Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!
AND, hot off the kitchen island this weekend... a little encourage "mint" offered to patients as they begin treatment or come for a procedure - port placement, biopsy, surgery...  I'm so excited about sharing these in the coming days!   

We extend our hands to you in deep gratitude
for helping us remember Erin in such a positive way; 
through actions that impact the lives of others.
By doing so, you've chosen to be part of something very special. 
P.S.  Pictures from the tournament are ready. Our photographer, Kevin, has loaded them onto the Shutterfly Website.  Click on the link to take you to the site.  Password is "kindness", naturally!
Donations are gratefully accepted any time the spirit moves you. 
Please see information in the sidebar.  Thank you!  


  1. It was great to see you, the tournament is a wonderful tribute to Erin and her love for Volleyball!

    1. Loved seeing you and Ali. Thanks so much for making time to stop in and catch up.