Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Joe Cool Says...

...Kick back and take a break
from the dog days of summer!
This month, I've asked one of the coolest dudes around town
to help me with a little treat
for our oncology patients.
Who is this cool guy, you ask?

And, who is one of Joe Cool's good buddies?
As York says, "Get the sensation".  Minty and refreshing!

And what else do you crave on a hot summer day?
Hmmm... how about an ice cream cone?
Meet Dominic, the General Manager
of the McDonald's in Hinsdale
who generously donated gift cards
for free ice cream cones!
Special thanks to Dominic and McDonald's Corporation
for helping us Scatter Kindness.
You're the best!

One more item completes our special treat. 
A paw fan to keep handy to get a breeze stirring
on those lazy, humid days.
Ahhhhhh, it sure is a dog's life!
Just remember...
The time to relax is when
you don't have time for it.
-Sidney J Harris, Chicago Journalist
Thank you for helping us Scatter Kindness
through your generous donations
to the Erin Potts Memorial Fund.
You're helping us touch so many lives
with simple, random acts such as these.