Sunday, May 17, 2015

76 Units & Go Blackhawks!

Thanks to all of you,
our 6th Annual Erin Potts Memorial Blood Drive
was a huge success. 

In spite of my concern earlier in the week about a lower than usual number of registered donors, so many of you stepped forward, again.  And then, we had our first timers!  You did it! Piece of cake, right?

The total number of units collected yesterday was 76,
which is an outstanding response!
Collectively, you'll be assisting 228 individuals who are
in need of blood products, as each donated unit
can impact up to three lives.
Yep, that's pretty great!
Knowing firsthand how the majority of us have to cram in so many to-do's on a typical Saturday, I'm grateful to you for choosing to make the time to stop in amidst grocery shopping, trips to Home Depot, yard work, track meets, ball games, etc.  Hopefully your experience with us was a positive one, and the LifeSource staff got you in and out fairly quickly.  If you were unable to join us, you can stop at any LifeSource center or mobile unit anytime throughout the year (some folks do so on a regular basis) and use Erin Potts Code 556C.  We are eligible to donate blood every 8 weeks. 
A very special thank you goes to Erin's dear friend Kristin who came from Milwaukee to donate, and after doing so, drove back north to don cap and gown to graduate from Marquette University Law School... "so Erin could be part of this special day in my life".
I'm so deeply grateful, and still very weepy (in a good way) today...  yeah, wow.

2008 Relay for Life "E-Unit" Team
Each year I say, "This will be the last blood drive I host", and then I think about the number of lives we have the opportunity to impact (close to 800 units collected thus far) when we're encouraged to pause for a bit and think beyond the busyness of our own little spheres, and I wind up scheduling the next one!  So... you'll probably hear from me next May!
While I have you here on this dreary Sunday morning,
I want to share a few of the Scatter Kindness monthly treats we've given to our patients. 
For St. Patrick's Day,
we put together a shamrock cup of goodies.
We included some gold and silver nuggets
and a scratch-off lottery ticket.
Can you believe that out of 50 lottery tickets,
only one patient won... $2.00!  Really?!  Come on!!
In April, the Easter bunny stopped by
with a little CARE package.
 And now, we're in the midst of a
very exciting Blackhawks season.
These were shared with patients over the past week.
We have some pretzel rod hockey sticks,
some brownie bite pucks,
a combo bag of red & black M & M's
and a hockey-themed message.
(One patient, an 80 yr old gentleman, told me he was saving his treats 'til game time today, and his beer was going in his new cup. Now that's the spirit!)
Game time today is 2:00.
Is everyone dressed appropriately?
Thanks again to all of you who support my causes. 
- sometimes in the winds of change
we find our true direction -