Wednesday, November 26, 2014

so thankful for you!

I'm sitting here in my jammies tonight, typing away, thinking about the Thanksgiving holiday and feeling all warm and fuzzy.  A little teary-eyed too.  I know, I know!  Keep reading, and you might feel the same way.

We love to tell our patients how much we care about them,
so the theme of this month's treat is a real no-brainer! 

There's a new store in the 'hood, up at the corner of Ogden and LaGrange Road. 
Have you been to Nothing Bundt Cakes yet?  If not, check it out!
I wandered in there last weekend, looking for ideas for
a Thanksgiving treat for our patients. 
There it was - Hello Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cakes! 

I explained Scatter Kindness to Todd, the store manager,
and he kindly discounted my order to help the cause.
Seems his dad has cancer too. Yes, it's everywhere...
I added a little lemon ginger tea and some festive ribbon.
Ta Da
We gave them to the patients at Hinsdale Hospital on Monday
and at LaGrange Hospital yesterday.
The rave reviews poured in!  DELICIOUS!!!

It's so much fun to tell you about the comings and goings of Scatter Kindness in this blog, and tonight while I have you here I want to share a couple more stories because, considering tomorrow's date, they're both quite relevant.  

The Fund is used in several ways.  One is shown in the photos above and also below as you scroll through previous blog posts. 
In elementary terms, cancer treatment is difficult. 

We Scatter Kindness on an ongoing basis using carefully chosen, creative little goodies with the intention of making our patients feel special. The resulting smiles and hugs tell us we're doing something right!

What I don't often talk about are the serious challenges some patients face.  Often, the ripple effect of a cancer diagnosis includes job loss, financial devastation, family discord, depression... I could go on. 

Recently, one of my fellow navigators shared the financial hardships of one of her patients - single mom, one child, lost her job, struggling to live day-to-day.  Using Scatter Kindness funds, we purchased gift cards for groceries and gas.  The basics.  Below is the thank you note my colleague received -


What a God sent you have been in my life.
I got up checked mail and found your card.  Needless to say I'm crying.  He knows the perfect time when to provide for each of us.  I'm in the car on the way to the food pantry and then was worried knowing I need to be in Desplaines today at 1 for an interview.  The fuel level light in my car is on.
How Great is our God.
I love you dearly for the kind and compassionate heart that you have.  I'm not use to being on this end.  I was the one like you that always gave.  I just want to tell you thank you for being who you are!!! As I can no longer see what I'm writing from these tears in my eyes.  I pray you have a happy and blessed day knowing you've touched my soul today.


Thanks to all of you.  Your generosity made this happen.
* * *
My second story includes none other than our favorite coach of the Hawks.  Q!!!

I met a patient for Part One of a cancer-related procedure about three weeks ago.  Through the course of conversation, this gentleman told me he'd had "a rough couple of years leading up to his February diagnosis".  He proceeded to tell me he first lost his mother-in-law.  Then his wife died suddenly.  Both of his parents died.  And, last but not least, his dog of 15 years died.  Yep, the dog part put me over the edge.  Not to worry though - this man was smiling and hope-filled, and he assured me he was well supported at home by his six (yes six) children ranging in age from 22 - 34.  My Lord, he was an inspiration. We agreed he was long overdue for some good things to happen in his life.

A Blackhawks hat covered his fuzzy hair-growing-back-from-chemo head, and I asked if he was truly a fan.  He proudly showed me Tony Esposito's signature on the bill of the cap, and assured me he was a devout follower.  I told him I'd met Coach Q in the lobby of the hospital after they'd won The Cup, and I'd actually snapped a picture of him with my phone.  A few minutes later, Greg was whisked off to his procedure.

Well, I have a gift for him when he returns for Part Two of the procedure next week.
Check out the autograph, my friends!
I am so crazy excited to give this to Greg! 
How did I do this, you ask?  I have my ways :) hee hee
I love my job!
And now, I'm sending all of you a virtual pumpkin spice bundt cake
to say I'm so thankful for you!
 And I'll leave you with a simple thought.

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