Sunday, May 4, 2014

Making A Difference

It's been a long, challenging winter season for the majority of us, and in spite of the calendar's declaration that May arrived a few days ago, the chilly weather continues to hang around. 
Thank goodness for all the excitement for us Blackhawks fans!
Keeps us energized, yes?
#88 Keenan Kane
I haven't checked in with you for a while, and I'm knocking on your inbox today to assure you that Scatter Kindness, while in its beginning stages, is already impacting our cancer patients.  Your generosity during the Erin Potts Invitational Volleyball Tournament, as well as donations made directly to the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation website, makes this possible.
Word is spreading because the Fund's total collections are now just over $11,000. 
Due to the HIPAA restrictions in place to protect the dignity and privacy of patients, I can't post names or photos of individuals without their permission.  I can, however, tell you about several avenues through which we are reaching out to folks with support as they face the daily challenges resulting from their diagnosis.  And, we've only just begun! 
  • A Keurig was purchased for the reception room in radiation oncology.  Now, patients can choose from a variety of tasty K-cups and enjoy a little treat as they wait for their appointments.
  • A box is stocked with greeting cards and gift cards (ie:Target), and this serves as a resource for staff members to look to when they want to help a patient celebrate a birthday... mark the end of a treatment protocol... offer an encouraging word when one needs a little TLC...  
  • A young basketball fan and his three guests were treated to the final Bulls game of the season. Thanks to community members Helen & Don (Mark too), four Club Level seats complete with a parking pass were donated, and Scatter Kindness funds provided a little "mad money" for the purchase of food/souvenirs. 
Per the Fund's mission statement, Scatter Kindness is dedicated to providing support for cancer patients through experiences that meet the unique needs and interests of each individual.  This Fund is a new resource for Adventist Hinsdale and LaGrange Hospitals, and eventually The Adventist Cancer Institute, and YOU are ensuring our fulfillment of this intention.  Thank you.  I'll be sure to share more good news in the near future. 
 I'm also knocking to let you know we've set a date for our annual
Erin Potts Memorial Blood Drive.
Please mark your calendars for Saturday, June 7.
8:00am - 2:00pm at St. Cletus
Contact me via email at
Call LifeSource directly at (877)543-3768.
615+ units have been collected so far under 556C
That's really extraordinary! 
Let's add a bunch more on Saturday, June 7. 
Making A Difference Starts Here
I really like the new LifeSource slogan.
It's often thought that we get over the death of a loved one.
Not so. I miss Erin each and every day. I'm not over anything. I never will be. 
 Personal soul searching after she died led me to the
realization that positively impacting others who are experiencing
what we once did is the most fulfilling way I know
to ensure her spirit continues to live.
That starts with me.  Making a difference starts here.  With me.
Thank you for continuing to join with me in support of my mission.


  1. You dance beautifully with a limp, Mrs Potts ;) ..and her spirit absolutely continues to live and shine

  2. I love your spirit, Mary. You inspire me.

  3. It's true, time doesn't heal a broken heart, it just teaches us how to live with one. I am honored to have made your acquaintance.