Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pre-game Excitement

We're just five days away from the start of the volleyball tournament on February 7th, and I'm getting really excited!  Sue picked up the T-shirts and they rock!  She has already sorted them, and those who pre-ordered will receive them at school tomorrow. 

If you didn't take time to place an order, they'll be sold at the tournament.  If we run out of sizes, we'll also take orders that will be filled promptly.  Remember, they sell for $10 each and all profits will go to Scatter Kindness. 

Folks have been dropping items at the house, and our den is beginning to look like a concession stand.  Dave, back away from the chocolate!  All this generosity allows us to donate every bit of money from sales at the tournament to Scatter Kindness.   

Thank you to the staff at St. Cletus for sharing information via the Parish eNews, in the School Scoop and also in the Sunday Canticle

Lynn Petrak wrote a beautiful article in The LaGrange Doings as well.  Oh my gosh, we'll never forget when all of you lined our street for blocks holding candles to welcome Erin home after the completion of her fourteenth cycle of in-patient chemotherapy. 

The response to my email with this blog link has been overwhelmingly positive.  I'm a Facebook dummy, so I appreciate those of you who've been posting information in that venue.  Folks seem to feel more comfortable writing comments there, so carry on and please don't hesitate to leave a comment here, too.  Because I have very few friends on Facebook, it's hard for me to spread the word over there.

Many of you have written emails to me, and this has served to fuel my excitement further. Such lovely sentiments have been shared - memories of Erin, offers to help with "anything", pledges to keep Erin's light shining while assisting others through our future tournaments and blood drives and now, support in our newest effort to Scatter Kindness.

I must share part of one email due to its spot-on accuracy. effective action, not only as philanthropy,
but also activity which softens the grief without diluting the memory of a loss...
Yes John, exactly.  
~ ~ ~

And with that, go on with the business of the day.  Get to the store to get your nachos and adult beverages in preparation for the big game tonight.
Are you ready for the Super Bowl?  Which team will be the champion? 
I do like football and will be watching the game,
however, I must say I'm really looking forward the Puppy Bowl!

Hard to resist, yes?
See you in a few days!


  1. Mary, are there any Scatter Kindness shirts available? That logo is wonderful.

  2. Karen, there are only volleybal tournament t-shirts. None with the Scatter Kindness logo... yet!!

    1. Ok, thank you - please keep us posted here if/when they become available!